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Preservation Society of Charleston
Charleston, SC

The purpose of the Preservation Society of Charleston is to cultivate and encourage interest in the preservation of buildings, sites and structures of historical or aesthetic significance and to take whatever steps may be necessary and feasible to prevent the destruction or defacement of any such building, site or structure such purposes being solely eleemosynary and not for profit.

Founded in 1920, the Preservation Society of Charleston is the oldest community based historic preservation organization in America. Originally called the Society for the Preservation of Old Dwellings, it was founded by Miss. Susan Pringle Frost and a small group of individuals who were concerned about the future of the circa 1802 Joseph Manigault House, which was eventually restored. Frost was an active suffragette and thought to be the first woman realtor in Charleston.

Today the Society has over 2,000 members from South Carolina and 35 other states who are concerned about the future of Charleston’s historic districts. We are a volunteer organization administered by a volunteer board and eight paid staff members. Board Members Chair committees made up of volunteers who work with the staff to advocate for the preservation of Charleston’s architectural heritage.

Your donations help:
All proceeds support the preservation education, preservation advocacy and preservation planning projects of the Preservation Society of Charleston.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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