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Shippensburg University Fashion Archives and Museum
Shippensburg, PA

The Shippensburg University Fashion Archives is a unique educational laboratory and museum dedicated to enhancing an understanding of society through the study of costume.

The Archives collects, preserves and interprets, in its historical and societal context, its holdings of apparel and related objects, which range from the 18th century to the present, with emphasis on items associated with middle-class and working Americans and with Pennsylvanians.

The Archives is committed to sharing its diverse collections with students and faculty as well as the general public, for teaching, research and exhibition purposes.

The collection focuses on working and middle-class American materials and pays special attention to individuality, design and quality of fabric and construction. The strengths of the collection are in the late 19th through 20th century materials. They include children’s, women’s and men’s outerwear and women’s hats, shoes, undergarments and bridal wear. Special holdings include:

*the Pennsylvania Collection, which contains examples of clothing manufactured in Pennsylvania and related to the history of its garment industry

*the Shippensburg University Collection, which features pieces related to the people and history of the university

*the designer Collection, both American and international

For teaching and research the collection includes:

*an extensive library reference collection, which encompasses monographs, fashion magazines, retail catalogs, exhibition catalogs, patterns and slides

*the Try-On Collection, which consists of either duplicate or nonarchival quality items, which visitors can study first-hand and model in order to experience the past

*the limited Multicultural Collection, which represents a variety of cultures and is selected for its teaching value

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