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Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Staten Island, NY

Surrounded by a tall iron fence, shaded by century-old Norwegian maples and Austrian pines, Snug Harbor Cultural Center is not only one of the most architecturally and historically significant sites in the country, it is a place where history, architecture, the visual and performing arts, environmental science included in performing arts all come together to provide a rich and powerful learning experience for audiences young and old.

The Newhouse Gallery has exhibitions in 15,000 feet of gallery space, plus outdoor and off-site projects, educational programs, 30 artists studios on site and an international artist residency program. To learn more about exhibitions and events at the Newhouse.

Throughout the year, the Performing Arts Program offers music, dance and theater, indoors and outdoors for audiences of all ages. Whether you prefer classical or cutting edge, there’s something to see at The Harbor.

Young people often come to know The Harbor through the Education Department, which develops workshops that capitalize on current art exhibitions and performing arts programming, as well as Snug Harbor’s storied past.

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Funds raised will be used to help support our Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Educational Programs that serve the region's cultural needs.

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