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Potawatomi Zoo
South Bend, IN

Founded in 1902, The Potawatomi Zoo is the oldest zoo in Indiana. The Potawatomi Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), assuring that an institution is committed to the highest standards in animal care, ethics, conservation, and education. The Zoo is home to over 400 species of animals situated on 23 acres. A 2004 Issue of Child Magazine ranked Potawatomi Zoo as one of the 20 Best Zoos for Kids.


The Zoo Train is a 1/3-scale locomotive that tours the zoo on a half-mile track. For $2 per ride, the train takes zoo-goers past our zoo pond, bison pen, llama yard, veterinary hospital and Australia. All proceeds from the train go directly toward building new exhibits or improving existing habitats at the zoo.

Our Australia walk-a-bout allows you to stroll through the outback surrounded by kangaroo, wallaby, and several species of Australian birds.

The Zoo Farm features animals from our backyard farm including a goat pen where children and grown ups alike can interact with the goats. Pony rides are also available for $2 or $5 with picture.

The Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital was opened in May of 2002 and this state of the art facility is a necessary component of the daily operation of the zoo. The 8,000 square foot hospital is a buzz with animal activity with annual physicals, surgeries for sick or injured animals, and quarantine facilities for new additions to the animal collection.

Red Panda Forest was opened in the summer of 2002 with the support of the physicians of Radiology Inc the exhibit’s pandas have produced five cubs, which have delighted zoo visitors as well as increased the numbers of these very rare animals.

The Lion Exhibit Expansion was ompleted in the summer of 2006 the lions. Tango and Onyo, now have access to an additional 2,200 square feet, which includes another rocky cliff, a cool grassy area to roll around in, and they can see eye to eye with zoo visitors while checking out the colobus monkeys. This addition enriches the lion’s lives and provides great animal viewing for our visitors.

The Zoo participates in the Species Survival Plan for rare and endangered animals, which creates a plan for the future of animals living in zoos.

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