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The Museum of the Confederacy
Richmond, VA

The Museum of the Confederacy’s rich collection of civilian and military Civil War artifacts relating to the Confederate States of America, as well as the post-war “Lost Cause” era, is a valuable resource for the study of the role of the Confederacy in the War and in our society today.

The Museum organizes and sponsors a variety of lectures and other special events and programs, inviting the public to join us in our exploration of American society in the 1800s.

Also, a new publication in the Journal series, exploring a particular portion of the Museum’s ever-growing collection in-depth, is published annually. These publications are available for purchase through our onsite store. The Museum also produces a semi-annual newsletter with articles taking on many topics and issues surrounding the period of the Confederacy and effects on our society today.

If you are doing research or simply looking to experience the past face to face on a visit to Richmond, Virginia, you’ll find the Museum is truly the place to meet the people of the Confederacy!

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