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Spirit of Syracuse Chorus
Syracuse, NY

The Spirit of Syracuse Chorus' distinct music and sound fit any setting, from small private parties to concerts and convention appearances. Its quality musical performances and genuine rapport with a variety of audiences are well known in the Syracuse area. A cappella harmonies resound in making our event a special one. The chorus repertoire includes visual staging with choreographed routines that accentuate musical themes and rhythms. These movements, combined with stylized costumes, make the Spirit of Syracuse a pleasure to both listen to and watch.

The Spirit of Syracuse Chorus delights in performing for other organizations and for the community at large. This championship chorus entertains as a complete unit of 100+ singers, quartets or small group ensembles, complete with costume and choreography. The performance group and the selection of songs, which includes uptunes, swing tempos and sentimental ballads, can easily be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Your donations help:
Your donations will go towards music education.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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