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Powell Museum
Page, AZ

On August 1, 1969, after more than a year's hard work by volunteers, the Powell Museum opened its doors. From that early beginning, the Museum continues to grow and change. As a private non-profit organization, the Museum is directed by a board of local citizens. The mission of the Powell Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret the history of John Wesley Powell, city of Page and the Colorado Plateau and to bring together those people interested in the history of the Page/Lake Powell area.

Current programs and activities at the Museum include the Glen Canyon Lecture Series, educational outreach programming for children and adults, exhibit design and installation, digitization of photographs and Museum archives collections, cataloging, preservation and organization of Museum collections, and an Oral History Program.

The Museum serves as an educational tool within the community, which benefits a wide range of audiences including the community of Page and surrounding Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona. We serve a local community of visitors from as far away as Kayenta, Shonto, Navajo Mountain and Gray Mountain on the Navajo Reservation, and also serve visitors from around the world. As Page's only history Museum, the Powell Museum provides many important educational programs to the Page-Lake Powell community and visitors to our unique area.

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