The Shop for Museums fundraising program will be closing in November. Use of the site and donations to museums will be accepted through October 31, 2016. On behalf of our participating museums and organizations, thank you for your support!

Privacy Policy

What is the purpose of this Privacy Policy?

Shop For Museums takes your privacy and that of our participating museums and related organizations very seriously. The following Privacy Policy is laid out to help you better understand what information Shop For Museums collects and what we do, and don’t do, with that information.

What information is collected when I choose to register with Shop For Museums?

While we encourage you to enroll in and set up an account with Shop For Museums so that you have a more robust user experience, you are also welcome to shop anonymously at any time.

When you enroll directly in Shop For Museums, we will ask you to supply us with your name and email address. You may also enroll in Shop For Museums using Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Shop For Museums asks permission before accessing your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account information, and we only use that information for enrollment purposes.

When you set up your account on Shop For Museums, you can choose to save your favorite museums, stores and deals to your My Account page. You are also given the opportunity to share information with the museum or related organization you are helping to raise funds for. Our participating museums and organizations would like to connect with you and thank you for your donations and support. You can choose to share any, all or none of the following: your name, email address, and/or store shopped at. You can review and/or change these settings at any time by going to your My Account page.

What happens to my information when I Use the Shop For Museums website to shop?

When you choose to use the Shop For Museums website to shop, we will ask you to first select a museum or organization to support with your free donation. You are also welcome to join, log-in or shop anonymously at any time. If you have an account with Shop For Museums and choose to log-in, we will flag each of your shopping trips with a designated number that is added to the click-through URL of the participating retailer you choose to shop. Upon click-through, that retailer receives that number so they can later identify that your shopping trip and/or order originated from Shop For Museums. Upon your check out on the participating retailer’s site, the retailer runs a report and through third party vendors, notifies Shop For Museums of the sale and pays us a commission, most of which becomes the donation given to the museum or organization you shopped on behalf of. Shop For Museums, through third-party vendors, then runs a report and uses the information in that report to match up designated shopping trip numbers to credit your museum or organization and in most cases, your account, with the sale and donation.

What information does Shop For Museums NOT collect?

Shop For Museums NEVER collects Credit Card or Banking information. Shop For Museums also NEVER sees your Credit Card or Banking information when you make a purchase at one of the participating retailers listed on Shop For Museums.

Shop For Museums does not have access to additional personal information you share with our participating retailers upon setting up an account on their site or checking out on their site. This information includes but is not limited to, your phone number, billing address and/or shipping address. The only exception is if you contact Shop For Museums Customer Service directly requesting help in tracking a missing donation and share such information with us. Shop For Museums may then ask you for your order details, such as the order number, date of shopping trip, the total dollar amount of your order and/or the museum or organization you wish to support. Shop For Museums then shares this information with the participating retailer to confirm that your order was processed correctly and Shop For Museums received the commission. Shop For Museums may ask for your email address and/or phone number so we can contact you as needed to resolve the issue.

Will I receive notifications from Shop For Museums?

If you enroll in Shop For Museums, you may receive occasional administrative emails from Shop For Museums notifying you of account or policy changes. Promotional emails will only be sent to you if you choose to join the Shop For Museums promotions email list. You can opt out of the promotions email list at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of any promotional email you receive from Shop For Museums. You can also access your email preferences and make changes by going to your My Account page on the Shop For Museums site.

About our participating museums and organizations

Shop For Museums respects the privacy and reputation of our participating museums and related organizations. All museums and organizations listed on our website have consented to join Shop For Museums, free of cost and at their own free will. Shop For Museums establishes a relationship with each participating museum or organization to help them market and benefit from fundraising through Shop For Museums. Museums and organizations may receive correspondence from Shop For Museums to encourage marketing and fundraising. Your designated participating museum(s) or organization(s) may share information with you from time to time about Shop For Museums if you are enrolled directly in those museum(s)’ or organization(s)’ email lists. Please refer to those museum(s)’ or organization(s)’ own privacy policies for further information.

All fundraising is kept confidential between Shop For Museums and each participating museum or organization.

How will I know about changes to this Privacy Policy?

We reserve the right to change the content of the Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will be posted on the Shop For Museums website. We may also attempt to contact you via email if you have joined and shared your email address with us. Please check the Shop For Museums website and review this policy from time to time. When you use the site after the Privacy Policy has changed, you agree to follow and be bound by the new policy.

Have Questions about this Privacy Policy?

Please direct your questions and concerns about this privacy policy to:
*Shopping Online With Purpose*
2517 S.E. Mailwell Drive
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