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Newton,  MA
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Merchant's House Museum
New York, NY

The Merchant's House Museum is New York City's only family home preserved intact -- inside and out -- from the 19th century.

Built in 1832 just steps from Washington Square, this elegant red-brick and white-marble row house on East Fourth Street was home to prosperous merchant Seabury Tredwell and his family for 100 years.

Today, the house offers a rare and intimate glimpse of domestic life during the significant period of the 19th century when New York City transformed from a colonial seaport to become the center of U.S. culture and commerce and a "world city" on a par with London and Paris.

Built in 1832, the Merchant's House Museum is a unique survivor of Old New York. Home to a prosperous merchant family for almost 100 years, it is complete with its original furniture, decorative objects, clothing, and personal memorabilia.

To visit the Merchant's House is to experience what life was like for a wealthy merchant family during the period of the 19th century when New York was transformed from a colonial seaport to a thriving metropolis.

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Donations will support the restoration of our 1832 landmark building; conservation of the Museum's original collections; and educational programs for adults and schoolchildren.

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