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Oneida Community Mansion House
Oneida,  NY
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Jefferson County Historical Society Museum
Port Townsend, WA

JCHS has operated the historical museum in the landmark Port Townsend City Hall building since 1951. Permanent exhibits tell the story of Jefferson County from the earliest native peoples to the present day. The archives of JCHS are available to scholars, students, family genealogists, local governments, the media and others in the JCHS Research Center. The archives contain nearly half a million historic documents including newspapers, books, letters, maps, posters, programs, clippings, scrapbooks, and 20,000 photographic images, one of the largest historic photograph collections in the State of Washington. The Rothschild House State Park is managed and staffed by JCHS. The 1868 Rothschild House provides a look at the life of the Rothschild family and the history of early Port Townsend commerce.

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For 55 years the Jefferson County Historical Society has served as the guardian of Jefferson County’s history by collecting and caring for artifacts and archives that tell the stories of the people who live here. Through museum exhibits, programs and special events we educate and entertain local school children, our neighbors and visitors. A tour of the Museum evokes a sense of place and imparts an appreciation of our community’s vibrant past. We champion the preservation of our community’s historic structures, including taking a leading role in the restoration of the Port Townsend City Hall building and our unique Fire Bell Tower. By helping the historical society you can help assure the thoughtful preservation of the remaining historic buildings in a remarkable corner of America.

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